RGB Lights

Add RGB lighting to make your deskmat reach it's final form! 

If you have not already please take a quick read at our Pad Customization page.

The page will give you a good overall summary on what you can expect as far as customization on AnimePads.

To upgrade your pad with RGB lights it will cost 23.99 USD. This will upgrade will surely elevate your gaming desktop to the next level and impress even your partner and their mother. 

Image for reference:

The RGB upgrade to your deskmat comes with seven different light options, completely waterproof and an option all of our deskmats. Receive a USB-C charger to plug in to your RGB lighting. Plug it in and it turns on, it's that simple! 

Image for reference:

In the top left corner you will see the wireless charging pad which is another element of our customization. 

Please note that including an RGB lighting to your deskmat will include an additional two business days in production.