Wireless Charging

AnimePads is committed to bringing new and exciting features. Wireless charging is just the beginning of exciting desk mat products. 

All of our mousepads have the option to include wireless chargers.

Please refer to the image:

Wireless Charger

At a fee of 23.99 USD, you can upgrade your mousepad to ensure maximum comfort. 

This extension will essentially install a state-of-the-art wireless charger onto your desk mat. 

No more picking up your wire to charge your phone. Just gently lay your phone on your desk mat charging pad and let it juice. 

Please understand that upgrading to a wireless charging mousepad will require at least four business days of production and is only suitable for some people. 

Please refer to this image: 

Phones Applicable for Wireless Chargers


All future generation phones will be able to be charged by this added feature. 
Mousepads are becoming more integral parts of our modern society. We are all stuck behind our computers and desks. 
Ensuring maximum comfort is not only something that will overall increase our productivity but it will also provide happiness. 


Please note that no additional metal objects can be placed on the charger. If you have such objects on your phone you must remove them before using the wireless charger.