Custom Designed Mousepad

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Interested in printing your own design? Now you finally can.

After placing your order please follow these steps. Please follow the steps carefully to ensure quick production and a quality end product. 

  • Make sure your image is high resolution, this will directly impact the quality of the print. Depending on the desk mat size, images below 2000 x 2000 pixels may not come out high definition! 
  • Send an email to with the high resolution image and include the order number in the subject bar. 
  • Animepads team will confirm that your order is in production
  • Please understand that custom designed mousepads will add two business days to the overall production of the order. 

As per usual the standard for our products are: 

Industrial Grade Rubber - Smooth glide support and cursor tracking
High Quality Images - High Definition, crisp and colorful rendering
Easy Maintenance - Easily cleaned with use of soap and water
AnimePads Signature - Non - slip and precision weaving cloth

Our merchandise comes from the finest materials money can buy. Every piece in our catalog is made from all natural, renewable rubber with a non-slip base.