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AnimePads – the best place to find anime-themed mousepads and deskmats! Whether you are a Naruto or Demon Slayer fan, One Piece or Berserk – AnimePads has everything you need to get your work and gaming station to look the way you want.

AnimePads only prints the highest quality foam and rubber material. We work with vendors around the world who produce the greatest mousepads with the sharpest-looking designs. In most cases, our size goes from 250x290mm all the way up to 400x900mm with a thickness that varies depending on the vendor. 


If you're looking for a custom-made mousepad, please get in touch with us at admin@animepads.com. From there we can start the process for a custom mousepad. If you have any anime recommendations that you would like to provide, let us know at the same email address: admin@animepads.com.

We're always interested in what you want. In most cases, we can produce any kind of anime desk mat or mousepad. 

Want to see Sakura crying over Sasuke?

We can get it.

Want to see Luffy beating up on all of Big Mom’s forces? 

We can get it.

Shinji and Rei going up against Ramiel? 

We can get it.

We're here to look after you and the needs of your weeb life. Trust in us, it's worth your wrists. 

Please check out our in-house design: Inari Kitsune. The Demon Fox Behind the Mask of AnimePads.