About AnimePads

AnimePads isn't just another vendor for anime merchandise. 

We're the living, breathing community that embraces the world of Anime. 

The very word anime is quite a controversy. Is Avatar the Last Air Bender anime? We don't know for sure, but we want you to see them on our catalog. 

And we think that's the right move. 

We're embracing not only a different approach to cinema but also to your offices and workspaces. The tables with which you grace with your sleek laptops and monstrous desktops. 

Getting an AnimePad isn't just ordering a mousepad. You are partaking in a cultural shift. 

Our products are beautiful, affordable and come with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. We understand that our customers want non pixelated prints, anti grip mousepads with a smooth surface that makes your mouse feel as if it's gliding through your screen. 

We understand what you want, because we want the same things. We love anime and we love weebing out at our computers for nights and days. 

Our catalog is ever expanding because we're always watching new animes and thinking to ourselves what epic animes deserve a place in our desktop. 

At Animepads, our motto is, it’s always worth the wrist.