Pad Customization

AnimePads aims to allow gamers and weebs to fully customize their deskmats. 

We give you this option by allowing you to customize a number of different features. 

  • Pad Size
  • Pad Thickness
  • Wireless Charging
  • RGB Lights

Pad Size

Please refer to the image below:

Adjusting the pad size isn't just an aesthetic advantage, it also allows you to fully envelop your table in a radiant deskmat if you so wish. 

Enabling this kind of customization is what separates AnimePads from many other mousepad and deskmat vendors. They don't quite allow you the amount of customization that we do. 

We also have mousepads that can be printed in a square design. Many of which can be found in our Naruto selection.

Please refer to image below: 

Pad Thickness

We allow customers to choose from the following thickness:

  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm

This option is more for gamers, or others who spend long hours at their desks. A thick mousepad helps with those who press their wrists on their tables for long, long hours. 

Wireless Charging

Please refer to image below:

Our Wireless Charger is state of the art technology. Of course, the speed by which it charges will depend on whether it comes from a USB or a socket. For fast charging we suggest using a socket charger. 

Our charger comes stiched onto the deskmat in the top left corner. This ensures that the device does not interfere with any usable space on the desk mat. Despite being stiched on to the pad the charger does not change the physical dimensions and the pad will still sit smoothly and elegantly on your desk. 

RGB Lights

Please refer to image below:

If you really care about your set up the way we do you will understand the significance of RGB lights. RGB lights elevate your set up and make it look out of this world. 

RGB lights come in seven different displays that you can adjust on the side of the pad. The colours are a strong neon that beautifully illuminate everything on your set up. 

These four options customized to the max will deliver you a product that will truly glorify your working, chilling and battling stations. 

And that's why we give you all the options.

Not to overburden you with choices. Rather, to give you the time and patience to choose and craft something that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Deskmats are not something you purchase regularly, unless you're a collector. If it's something out of necessity, it's something you'll get every few years. Our deskmats last us about 3 - 4 years until we need a new one. 

That's why you have the option to purchase giant mousepads that are up to a meter long in length, and four milimeters thick. 

It's also the reason that you can add a state of the art wireless charger and border your deskmat with luminous RGB lights. For us, we like to think of a desk mat as a tailored suit, or ordering a private chef for your festive family events. It's special.

If you didn't find any prints that you liked, you can even print out one of your own designs with our "custom mousepad option"

AnimePads is a piece holder for your computer station. Whether you have a quality mechanial keyboard, giant monitors or RGB cooling fan lights, a deskpad from AnimePads with only provide exponential aesthetic value.