Selecting Your AnimePad

Need Help Selecting The Right AnimePad?

You've come to the right place. 

This page is designed to guide you through the site and answer questions you may have.

AnimePads allows a wide range of customizability

The large set of options could be daunting. In this case, we would like to give two bits of advice. Whenever in doubt, opt for a smaller mat. It's better to have a deskmat of 600 by 300 on your desk than to have a mat that is too big and hangs off the edge.

If you're more serious and want to ensure your deskmat fits on your whole table, pull out the measuring kit and start writing down the dimensions of your table. Find the right fit you need. If you have very specific requests, you can get in contact with us on our support page and we can see if we can have it sorted for you.

Let's take a look at the typical size chart.

Side note, we do offer larger sizes but these are what customers and collectors typically buy.

A lot of gamers enjoy taking large pads because it helps them move their mouse across their tably effortlessly. FPS games that require large swipes of the wrist are made more enjoyable by having a larger landscape to navigate. 

Those who purchase AnimePads for aesthetic reasons, enjoy putting their favorite Anime Character or Scenery all over the set up to add color, joy and a sense of nostalgia. 

All that being said, AnimePads allows customization beyond the size of the pad, we also understand the importance of a nice thick pad. 

Pad Thickness

We allow customers to choose from the following thickness:

  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm

Thickness is largely for people who spend a lot of time at their computer. Gamers have long suffered from callouses under their wrists. Kindly consider upgrading the thickness of your pad if you have a thicker patch of skin under your wrist. 

This is how we've come to understand to break it down so that you know what you'll need to order for you, or for your friend. 

  • Casual PC users could opt for 2mm, the standard pad.
  • Heavy PC users could opt for 3mm, a bit thicker and more support
  • Serious PC users, could opt for 4mm, great thickness, sufficient support

Gamers especially suffer from bruised wrists from extended game play. Thicker pads aim to lessen the bruise and keep your wrists healthy to play for longer periods of time. 


Our mousepads are made out of a combination of cotton, rubber and silicone. This combination creates a strong anti slip base whilsting preserving an ultra smooth surface. Users can enjoy from this an undisturbed tracking surface for the mouse and a comfortable feel on their hands. 

Our AnimePads are built to last. We forecast that each pad will last you two years of everyday use before seeing signs of deterioration either in color, or durability. 

Our pads have a lifetime longevity of about three years. After three years of regular use we have found that it may be time to switch your mousepad. 

If you simply like to collect large deskmats much like us, then you'll find the pads last a very long time when seldom used and stored properly.   

 Weaving and Edges 

In alignment with our approach to customizability we also offer our users to get mousepads with locked edges, or unlocked edges. Locked or also referred to as "stitched" edges exist to prevent edge fraying. This essentially fortifies the edges of the pad and ensures longevity and durability. 

Some users believe that locked edges are a bother and feel less comfortable on your hands. Whilst we believe our pads and stiching is of sufficient quality that users will not be disturbed by them, we still like to give the option to unlock your edges. 

Furthermore, the designs found on AnimePads are printed on high quality natural rubber pads that are pieced together with precision weaving. 

Precision weaving is an industry standard, top fashion companies, militaries from around the world and even Ikea use precision weaving for the majority of their textile products. This ensures that the quality you get with AnimePads is top tier, or in other words, industrial grade.